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First, we don't know what we have at the beginning, so we have to solve the question that what we have, the first thing is to complete the knowledge map to precipitate and form the basic business capability and technical capability;

Second, we can provide basic training, training system and practice system only if we have the knowledge map about basic business and basic technology;

Third, the knowledge map, training system and practice system all serve for qualification system, so we need to complete the basic qualification system;

Fourth, the high-level knowledge map can only be precipitated after the expert and architect team has been built. Only after that can we build the high-level staff oriented training system and practice system in order to improve the whole qualification system;

Fifth, Once the technical problems are solved, the basic survival problems will be solved. Once the management problems are solved, we will live better. To improve the ability of management staff, the general management skills, engineering management capability and the corresponding training and practice system should be precipitated at first, so as to establish the qualification system for management staff;

Sixth, once all the above capabilities have been solved, and the pre-sales capability of organization is formed, and the company's core competitiveness will be improved.

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Capability Center is the engine to achieve strategic target of company.

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Capability Center undertake the responsibility of knowledge precipitation

Solutions packaging enables the company to respond to the group's sailing strategy better.

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Speeding up internationalization is an important prerequisite to implement the group's sailing strategy.

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